Need Discord Managment through Skript ?

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Slash command, interaction, components, and much more!
Recoded version of DiSky v1 & Vixio v2.

What's DiSky ?

Next Generation Addon

DiSky is a new generation addon, allowing to develop a Discord bot using Skript only. Very little knowledge is required to create advanced features with DiSky. Take for example the interactions or components, which allow to add dynamism to your messages: a few lines of code and it's functional!

Difference between DiSky & Vixio ?

DiSky is all updated regularly which is unfortunately not the case with Vixio. In addition to the interactions, you can use the components (buttons and dropdown) as well as the audio effects (speed, bast boost, etc...) and many other effects / expressions. Finally, you should know that DiSky ARK uses JDA5, where Vixio is stuck under JDA 4 (JDA is the library used to integrate with Discord). If you want to stay with Vixio, you are free to do so, but it will be a big disadvantage for your server!

3 versions to Choose

Download DiSky

Version 2.0
  • Support Minecraft 1.8
  • Audio System
  • Component, Interaction
  • Discord command, Basic Utilies
  • Custom Login Intents
  • Embed Builder / Template
No longer supported / updated!
Version 3.0 ARK
  • Up to Skript 2.5.3
  • Minimum Minecraft 1.12 & Skript 2.3
  • New Slash Command System
  • Components, Interactions
  • Bot editor (name, avatar)
  • New error handler
  • Intents Manager
  • New effects & properties
  • Audio System
Best Version!
Updated & Supported!
Version 3.0
  • Up to Skript 2.5.3
  • Old Error Handler
  • New Slash Command System
  • Embed Builder / Template
  • Simple Intents Managing
  • NO audio system
Not Updated but Supported

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